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Heng Long 1/16 Scale R/C US M26 Pershing BB Tank
(New Sound & Smoking Version)

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M26 Pershing with commander figures and stowage on fender and engine deck

  • Automatic electric gun system with safety features
  • Full range of movement functions
  • Exhaust smoke generator
  • Rechargeable battery and charger
  • Starting motor and engine plus gun firing sound effects
  • Run more than one at the same time!
  • L: 520mm W: 240mm H: 200mm
  • Now with Metal Gearboxes & Ni-Mh Battery
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The Perfect Christmas Present

This is a 1/16 scale fully painted and assembled replica of the U.S. World War II Heavy Tank featuring radio-controlled of all movement including turret rotation and gun elevation. It features full suspension and a main gun that fires BB pellets up to 25 meters! A very good copy of the full option Tamiya model at a fraction of the cost. Excellent value for money and a big improvement on the previous non-sound/smoking version. A great introduction to large scale radio controlled tanks.

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BB Firing Warning Light
 This Tank Actually Shoots!

Don't forget to
buy some extra
BB pellets!
This tank actually shoots 6mm plastic BBs from a fully automatic firing system using self-generated compressed air. These can hit a target up to 25m away. The tank can fire while on the move or stationary and can hold up to 40 BBs in the turret. A box of pellets is included to get you started.
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Radio Transmitter Unit
 Full Function Radio Control
The model comes with a dedicated control transmitter unit with its own on/off switch and an 'On' indicator light. The transmitter requires 8 AA alkaline batteries (not included). Interchageable crystals allow more than one tanks to be operated at the same time.

Function Buttons

The three central buttons near the bottom of the transmitter have the functions of:

  1. Engine icon - Starting & stopping the engine with starting motor and engine shutdown effects
  2. G - Firing the hull machine gun with flashing light beneath the gun and sound effects
  3. K - Simulates main gun firing sound and recoil of the hull. It does not fire the gun. (Push the left joy stock forward to fire BBs from the main gun)

Safety Features

The BB gun will only fire if the safety switch hidden underneath the loader's hatch is switched on. The red light to the left of the main gun will come on when the gun is about to fire. A red rubber plug is also supplied for the cannon when run in non-firing mode.

Click for larger image
BB Gun Safety Switch

Full Movement Control

The turret is able to turn left and right to almost a complete circle (320 degrees).

Push the left joy stock left or right to rotate the turret.

The BB gun can be fired at the same time while the turret is turning left or right. The gun can move up and down at the same time as the turret is turning.

The barrel has an approximately 20 degree tilt up & down.

Push the left joy stock down to move the gun up & down.

Independent suspension and proportional speeds allow it to climb gradient of 35 degrees and overcome most terrains and minor obstacles.

The right joy stock is used to control all movement including forward, backward, left turn, right turn, left spin, right spin, backward left turn and backward right turn.The two trim levers for the right joy stick can be used to fine tune the joy stick

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Independent Suspension

Exhaust Smoking Function

This tank comes with a built-in smoke generator to provide exhaust smoking function. The smoke comes out of the rear exhaust when the engine is running. It can be switched off via a switch underneath the tank. The tank comes with a little oil in the smoke generator unit. Add a few drops of oil from the bottle supplied into the tubes inside the exhaust periodically!

The M26 Pershing also has working front and rear lights.

Click for larger image
Smoking Exhausts

Click for larger image
Battery Compartment


The volume of the sound effects can also be adjusted by the small white switch on the bottom of the tank using a small flat screw driver. Turn clockwise to lower the volume and anti-clockwise to increase the volume !?!

Photo on left shows small white round sound volume adjuster top left, smoke generator switch (formerly ABC frequency switch for older version) inside battery compartment left of connector, Ni-Cad battery connector (White), tank receiver frequency crystal right of connector & tank on/off switch.

Changeable Frequency

The operational frequency of each tank can be changed by simply replacing the crystal on the transmitter and on the tank by a set with a different frequency. The replaceable transmitter crystal plugs into a socket to the right of the three function buttons. The receiver crystal is underneath the tank within the battery compartment. The two crystals must be the same frequency for the tank to operate. Do not operate tank of the same frequency close to each other or erratic behaviour may result and cause possible damage to tank and people.

With multiple sets of different frequency crystals, you can run more than one tank at the same time and battle with friends for extra fun! Use crystals in the 27MHz range.

Rechargeable Battery and Charger

This tank comes with a 7.2V Ni-Cad rechargeable battery and charger suitable for use in the UK. Oversea customers will need a converter/transformer. The charger need about 7 to 8 hours for a full charge. Running time per full charge can be as long as 30 minutes depending on pattern of play.

Go on, treat yourself. You know you want it!

We reserve the right to change the specification from time to time. Please email us if in doubt.

Because of the power of the BB gun, they can cause pain and bruising if exposed skin is struck at close range and severe eye injury if they strike someone in the eye. These items are therefore not recommended or children under 18 years of age without parental supervision. They are sold only to adults 18 years and over. Wearing of eye protection goggle is also highly recommended.
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