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F-Toys Confect Products

A set of warships and aircraft from a popular Japanese Anime cartoon called "Zipang". In the cartoon, the fictitious Aegis helicopter Cruiser, Mirai DDH-182, is transported back in time during a mysterious storm and appears in the midst of the Japanese combined fleet, led by the battleship Yamato, heading for the Midway Islands. It comprises the Mirai DDH-182, a tilt-rotor aircraft, a WW II period US aircraft carrier and a WW II Japanese seaplane and submarine all fully-painted and finished to the usual high standard.


Ideal for Wargaming!

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F-Toys Confect Zipang Aircraft & Warships Collection

01 - Mirai DDH-182 Aegis Helicopter Cruiser

Price: £7.99
Sold Out
02 - MVSA-32J Tilt-Rotor Aircraft
Price: £6.99
Sold Out
03 - Japanese WW II Seaplane
Price: £6.99
Sold Out
04 - US WW II Aircraft Carrier
Complete with 10 airplanes.
Price: £6.99
Sold Out
05 - Japanese WW II Submarine
Price: £6.99
SP - Case Special
Japanese WW II Seaplane in alternative light blue finish
Price: £19.99

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Our products represent subjects from a specific period in history. Some products contain details, equipment, uniform and or vehicle that include insignia or marking that some may find offensive. It is not our intension to glorify, nor exploit the horrors and atrocities of war.

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