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Upgrading Heng Long Tanks - Receiver Boards

A Step By Step Visual Guide

Can be used to replace a faulty board or to update an older non-sound and smoke version for the new features. Click here for more information on Heng Long Tanks.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image
1. Inside a Tiger 1. All Heng Long tanks share the same basic internal components.
Click for larger image
2. View of larger main receiver circuit board showing wiring positions.
Click for larger image
3. Close-up of wiring on a new uninstalled main receiver circuit board. Colour and thickness of wires may vary.
Click for larger image
4. Underside of a pair of new uninstalled receiver circuit boards. Note 2-pin socket for receiver crystal on left of smaller board.
Click for larger image
5. Close-up of smaller secondary receiver circuit board. Note connector for serial.
Click for larger image
6. Note DP1 socket for speaker and DP2 socket for smoke unit.
Click for larger image
7. View showing wiring of sound volume control.
Click for larger image
8. View showing wiring positions for left (bottom) and right (top) motors.
Click for larger image
9. View showing wiring of power lead from battery compartment to switch and circuit boards.

Replacing Receiver Circuit Boards

  1. Unplug connector to top hull if not already done
  2. Unplug aerial from top hull if not already done
  3. Important: Before Cutting or unsoldering each wire, make a note of where they are attached and put a label on each if it helps. Refer to the photos above ig necessary.
  4. Cut/unsolder wires x4 from motor where it is soldered to the main circuit board
  5. Cut/unsolder wire from power lead likewise
  6. Cut/unsolder wire from switch likewise
  7. Cut/unsolder wire from switch where it is soldered to the smaller circuit board
  8. Remove both circuit board from hull (keep screws to one side for reuse)
  9. Unplug smoke unit and speaker from sockets beneath the main circuit board
  10. Discard faulty circuit boards
  11. Take new circuit boards and connect them together using lead provided if not already connected
  12. Plug smoke unit and speaker to sockets beneath the main circuit board
  13. Fix both circuit board to hull (reusing screws put to one side)
  14. Note positions on circuit boards from which the wires were removed from. (7 wires to be reattached to new receiver boards)
  15. Solder wire from switch to the smaller circuit board
  16. Solder wire from switch to the position on the main circuit board
  17. Solder wire from power lead likewise
  18. Solder wires x4 from motor to the main circuit board
  19. Reattach aerial and connector to upper hull when ready to put the tank together again

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